Mental Health Law

Mental Health Law is highly specialised and an area in which Grey and Co Solicitors has a growing reputation in Inverness and the Highlands of Scotland.  

We provide legal advice and representation to patients and their families in relation to mental health issues.

Are you a patient or their relative who requires advice as to Mental Health Law in Scotland?

We can assist in all aspects of Mental Health legislation, in particular;

  • Advising on rights to challenge detention under Mental Health legislation for matters such as a Compulsory Treatment Order or a Short Term Detention Certificate
  • Advising as to the variation or discharge of a Compulsory Treatment Order and the necessary application to be made to the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland
  • Instructing independent psychiatric reports upon patients
  • Advising on the law in relation to treatment without consent and making representations
  • Advising and making representations where appropriate in relation to rights to aftercare
  • Judicial review cases
  • Appeals against orders of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland to the Sheriff Court
  • Advising patients friends/relatives who are their Named Person as to their legal rights and representation
  • Preparing and advising in relation to Advance Statements

We are proud of the level of care we give to our clients and their families and our dedication to improving the quality of life for our clients is matched only by our expert knowledge in this area.

We are concerned about every detained patient’s individual rights and liberties and will endeavour to exercise the patients’ legal rights and advise them while in hospital detention, including scrutinising all forms of medical treatment.

Legal Aid is available for most Mental Health matters which require legal advice and representation for individuals and their Named Persons, i.e. generally such advice and assistance is not means tested by the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

We can arrange appointments at hospital or in the community to see you at short notice and we regularly attend at New Craigs Hospital, Inverness.

Contact us today to speak to Andrew Grey to see how we can help you on 01463 239011.

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Help Group:

Support In Mind Scotland works to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people affected by serious mental illness. This includes those who are family members, carers and supporters.

Support In Mind Scotland is a National Charity particularly concerned with serious mental illness.

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