Residential Landlord & Tenant Matters

We act on behalf of both residential Landlords and Tenants in this area of law which can be complex.  We are happy to advise in relation to both residential and commercial leases.

If you are a Landlord we can assist with matters such as:

  • Recovery of rental arrears: Unfortunately, this scenario does sometimes occur and often a letter from your solicitor will remedy the situation quickly at a moderate expense. If not, we can advise and assist in the raising of a court action to recover any rent due to you from your tenants.
  • Eviction: There are inevitably situations whereby you want your tenant to leave your property and they do not. You are required to serve prescribed notices, with certain time limits, upon your tenant before they are obliged to leave. We can assist with advising which type of notice is required and prepare it for you. If your tenant does not voluntarily vacate your property after such notices, then you will need to obtain what is known as a "Possession Order" from the Court. If you do not obtain this and evict in another way, then it is likely to be an unlawful eviction which has civil and criminal implications for you. We will make the application to court for possession on your behalf and take it to conclusion. Thereafter, if your tenant still does not remove, we will organise eviction by Sheriff Officer.
  • Other issues: You may find yourself in a situation where there is a dispute with your tenant over matters such as the state of repair of the property, deposit to be repaid, obligations under the terms of the tenancy that may or may not have been met. We can assist in explaining the terms of the tenancy agreement to you and the best way to try and resolve such matters.
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