English Commercial Law

Dual qualified solicitor Andrew Grey can assist you in the following areas:

  • Pursuing or Defending a Debt in England: It may well be that you have received court papers pursuing you for a debt "south of the border". This may be because the Pursuer is based in England or Wales and has supplied goods or a service to you. If so, you may have no choice but to defend such an action in an English court which will require specialist advice on the relevant law and procedures there, which are frequently different from Scotland.
  • You may be owed money by a business or individual "south of the border" and the only or preferred way to pursue this is to raise an action there for recovery of the sum due. Again, this will require the advice of a solicitor qualified in English Law.
  • Contractual Disputes: We are encountering more and more disputes involving "cross-border issues" concerning the supply of goods or services where contracts between the parties stipulate that the relevant jurisdiction in such circumstances is to be governed by a court in England or Wales. This often involves the supply of utilities such as electricity, gas or telecoms. We can assist by interpreting the terms of your contract and trying to settle matters for you, which often saves time and expense but, if not, raising or defending a court action raised against you.

In such scenarios we will ensure appropriate representation for you in Court by a solicitor or barrister so as best to look after your interests.

We have experience and access to a wide range of specialist Chambers of barristers as well as solicitors' firms "south of the border" all of whom can assist us in providing representation so as to best serve your needs.

If you have any queries concerning English Law matters please contact Principal Andrew Grey on 01463 239011 who will be happy to assist you.

English and Scots Law Specialists

Grey & Co Solicitors are pleased to offer English and Scots Law from our office in Inverness.  Where there is a cross-border issue call us to see how we can help you.  01463 239011.

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