Employment Law For Employees

We can advise employees with regard to this rapidly changing and developing area of the law. It is increasingly important to know what your employment rights are and the options open to you should there be a dispute about them.

We can assist in relation to the following areas:

  • Settlement Agreements: In a redundancy situation or as a result of a dispute, an employer and employee quite often reach agreement that the employee will cease employment in return for a sum of money and other conditions.

Have you been asked to sign a Settlement Agreement? If so you will need independent legal advice as to the proposed terms and conditions. We can check that these are fair and in appropriate cases negotiate better terms for you, e.g. the amount of money to be paid or restrictions on your future employment. Also, to be properly binding and effective, a Settlement Agreement has to be signed by the solicitor who has advised the employee about the Agreement. The employer normally pays an agreed fee to a solicitor to explain and sign the Settlement Agreement which means that often you pay no fee to us for this service. It is the employee’s choice as to which independent solicitor they ask to advise them on this matter.

  • Redundancy: You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation that your employer has said your position is redundant. We can advise you as to whether or not there is a genuine redundancy situation and, if not, the options open to you so as to try and keep your job. If redundancy is inevitable then we can advise you on the level of compensation due to you.
  • Employment Tribunal Applications: Unfortunately not all disputes between an employer and employee can be resolved amicably, leaving the only option for an employee being to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal. We can advise you as to whether or not you have a case worth pursuing, along with its likely value and prospect of success. If you wish to proceed we will prepare your application and deal with all steps up to conclusion of the matter on your behalf. Typical claims may be for: unpaid wages, holiday or notice pay; disability, race or sex discrimination; unfair dismissal.
  • Grievances at Work: You may find yourself in the situation that you have a dispute with a colleague or your employer. Often the best way to try and reach a resolution is to raise a grievance. We can advise you as to the correct grievance procedure to follow and assist you through this process. Often this results in a quick and amicable outcome.
  • Disciplinary and Dismissal Matters: You may find that your employer is not satisfied with your performance for various reasons such as: the quality of your work, behaviour or time keeping issues etc. We can assist you in assessing whether or not your employer has a reasonable concern, as well as explaining and assisting you through any disciplinary or dismissal procedure which may be commenced against you. This way you know your rights and your job may not be so much at risk.
  • Contracts of Employment: You may be offered a contract of employment and not sure of its terms and implications – we can help explain this to you.


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